Resolutions vs Goals

Resolutions vs Goals

At the start of the year we are often filled with a sense that we need to tackle the future head on, and make sure that we live every moment to the fullest. But just a few weeks in, our enthusiasm can start to fade, as the reality of day to day life settles in.

This is the time that our well-intended resolutions, made with a sparkle in the eye at the start of the year often falls by the wayside and we are left with feelings of guilt, and possibly abandoning the whole concept of resolutions.

Resolutions are not a bad thing.

Thinking about and choosing to better ourselves and our circumstances is how we move forward in life. The problem comes in when we set our expectations too high and then guilt ourselves into giving up when we slip.

This is why it has been suggested that we reframe our thinking to move away from resolutions, and rather call it setting goals. In essence it is the same thing, but with a more practical approach, setting realistic goals, working to a timeline and allowing ourselves to fall, but choosing to stand up again, is a strategy that will bring you much closer to success.

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We hope that you reach all your 2020 goals.