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Welcome to your convenient and friendly On Site repair centre, where we look forward to attending, assisting and fulfilling your every need and request.We are situated at shop no. 13b Pick ‘n Pay Hyper , entrance 2, next to Multiserv opposite tillpoint no. 21


The store boasts an On Site repair technician, as this allows you to get immediate assistance and advice,
not only can you have your console or mobile assessed and diagnosed promptly, you may even proceed to
continue your shopping while your device is being repaired.

We tackle all platforms from playstation 2, PS3, Psp, Ps Vita, Xbox, Nintendo Wii,DS Ds Lite, Leapfrog and PC.

15 years in the repair sector gives us a great insight and allows us to offer you, our valued customer, several different paths to select moving forward. What this means is that in the event we cannot repair your device, mobile or console, we will offer alternatives such as a trade in option, whereby you may upgrade to a better or later model and use your old unit as partial payment for your new purchase.


We now offer a Games Xchange service where one can trade, swop and exchange your used or pre-owned games for new, or our selection of  pre- owned games at a fraction of the price.

Want to know what a Game is all about before purchasing one? Well now you can… ask our friendly staff to assist you if you would like to test drive one of our pre-owned games instore and enjoy a hands-on demo before making your purchase.

Tired of expensive games skipping , jumping , freezing while you try to enjoy it… bring it in and have your games,dvds and cds polished while u wait and save thousands in replacement costs.


Our accessory selection includes remote controllers , memory cards, travel bags, spare cables, replacement inter active devices and lots, lots more.

We have a cool selection of covers for your iPad, Kindles, Androids and Playbooks.

Gadgets range from portable chargers, animation flash drives, memory card readers, usb’s, hubs, multi ports, rca’s, hdmi cables,data cables, printer cables etc etc etc.

Come in and let us pair your bluetooth device, so that you may enjoy the full high definition online experinece with your Xbox or PS3 as you partner up with gamers from all over the world with our range of bluetooth headgear with complete 2 way interaction in full stereo sound.

Please make your way to and find out the new way of gaming….. now!!!!