Patdee Massage

Patdee Massage
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Patdee Foot Spa & Massage Therapy, 

offers a way to manage many of the physical, social, and emotional stresses in a way that provides widespread relief, not to mention multiple health benefits.

Patdee Foot Spa and Massage Therapy offers a wide range of decadent pamper journeys which will revive your senses, rejuvenate your body and soothe your soul.

Driven by their passion and dedication to deliver exceptional quality massage therapy time and again, they help clients achieve a powerful self-healing experience.

“Respect for the uniqueness of each individual guest is the foundation of our practice at Patdee Massage Therapy.”

Patdee’s highly trained therapists are committed to excellence, with the utmost passion and pride in delivering personalised and dedicated service.

“Our therapists combine both ancient and contemporary techniques in a natural process and are designed to bring balance to your body and mind.”

You will feel right at home with the team at Patdee, who above all value your needs.


Patdee Massage Theraphy is committed to empowering single mothers. This empowerment initiative is dedicated to impacting the lives of mothers disadvantaged by social or economic circumstances.

The initiative will enable these women to enhance and develop their quality of life and become architects for their future by presenting opportunities for spiritual, educational and economic transformation thereby strengthening their families and transforming communities.

The owners of Patdee Massage Therapy, believe that the therapists at Patdee Footspa are essential to the business that is why continuous training and retaining of employees is prioritised.

Patdee Massage Therapy provides you with an unforgettable healing touch.




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